Cash donations are always accepted and 100% goes to animals in need.

Purina Dry Cat Food

Purina Dry Kitten Food

(We specifically ask for Purina Dry Food

because we want to keep the animals’ diet consistent – thank you)

Friskies Canned Cat Food (Pate` type)

Fancy Feast Canned Cat Food

Fancy Feast Canned Kitten Food

Royal Canin Canned Kitten Food

Cat Toys

Cat Litter (Non-Clumping clay)

Paper Towels

Disinfectant Wipes

Dish Soap

Cotton Balls

Hand Sanitizer

Trash Bags (30 Gallon)

Rubbing Alcohol

Laundry Detergent and Bleach

Distilled Water

Non-Sterile Exam Gloves

Ziplock bags (small and large)

Plain White Printing Paper

Office Supplies (printer paper, tape, post-it notes, index cards and pens)

Gift Cards for pet supply stores

Gift Cards for office supply stores