Financial Assistance Information

*If you are receiving financial assistance, this must be discussed and approved with the reception staff prior to surgery. If you have questions or need help, we are happy to assist you.

*You must receive approval from the following agencies BEFORE surgery. These agencies WILL NOT agree to donate after your pet has surgery.

Step 1: Go online and apply for  Care Credit  at If you qualify, you may use this credit card for medical care. If you spend more than $200, you have 6 months to pay off your balance. If you do so, this is an interest-free loan.

If you are denied Care Credit, keep your reference number. The following agencies may ask for the reference number.

Friends of Animals in Need Apply by calling Russ at (401) 489-3645 or email This agency typically donates up to $200.

Hands that Heal  Apply by calling Tonia at (401) 491-1473. This agency typically donates up to $50.

Red Rover Apply for assistance at This agency typically donates up to $200.

SPCA Apply by calling Dr. Finocchio at (401) 438-8150. You may need to call a few times. This agency typically donates up to $50. Once you are approved, you will receive a four-digit code. Please provide this code to Care for Animals prior to your pet’s surgery.

Volunteer Services for Animals Speak with the Care for Animals reception staff for donation approval. This agency typically donates up to $35.

 Paws 4 A Cure Apply at Once on the website click on “Ask for Help” and follow the directions.


Do You Need Help With a Stray Cat In Your Neighborhood?

PAWSWATCH – is an organization that provides veterinary care for feral cat colonies. They work to spay/neuter and vaccinate the feral cat population in order to manage the numbers of cats living on the streets, If you have unneutered/unspayed stray cats living in your neighborhood, please fill out the TNR Help Request Form