All office visits/exams are $40

Recheck office visits are $20

Emergency exam $60


PAAWS RI Adoption Fees

Cats $110

Kittens younger than 6 months $200

Kittens 6 months to 1.5 years $135

Declawed cats $175

Purebred cats or kittens $275

These prices are subject to change under special circumstances.

(Adoption fees cover all necessary medical care for each cat or kitten – Spay/Neuter, Microchipping, Three FVRCP[Distemper] vaccines for kittens, Two FVRCP[Distemper] vaccines for adults, a Rabies vaccine, De-fleaing, De-worming, Fecal Test and blood testing for Feline Aids/Feline Leukemia.)


ALL spay/neuter prices include a free exam, an injection of pain medication and a nail trim given on the day of surgery.


Female cat spay $95

Male cat neuter of any age $60

Feline Leukemia/FIV Test $30

Ear mite treatment $20

Deworming $15 or $17 (large cat)

Fecal test $25

Advantage (flea and tick) Single: $12

Advantage (flea and tick) 6-Pack (Free dose with the purchase of a 6-Pack): $68



Feline Distemper vaccine (FVRCP) $16

(Helps protect against the viruses rhinotracheitis, calicivirus and panleukopenia.)

Rabies vaccine $16

Leukemia vaccine $25




Note: Any dog who has not been seen at Care for Animals within

the last year will need to pay a $40 exam fee in addition to the surgery fee.

Female dog spay 2-25 lbs  $200 – $225

Female dog spay 26-50 lbs  $275 – $300

Female dog spay over 50 lbs PLEASE call for estimate

Pain medication $20

(All dog spays go home with pain medication)

Male dog neuter 2-25 lbs  $165 – 185

Male dog neuter 26-50 lbs  $200 – $225

Male dog neuter 51-75 lbs  $250 -$275

Male dog neuter 76-100 lbs $300 – $350

E-Collar $10-15

(All dog neuters go home with an E-Collar)

4dx Test (This tests for Heartworm and Lyme) $35

(All dogs having surgery either need a 4dx Test or must be taking Heartworm preventative pills)

Fecal test $25

Advantix (flea and tick) Single: $15

Advantix (flea and tick) 4-Pack (One free dose with the purchase of a 4-Pack): $60

Iverhart (heartworm pills):

Dogs 1-25lbs: Single- $5 6-Pack- $26

Dogs 26-50lbs: Single- $6 6-Pack- $32

Dogs 51-100lbs: Single- $7 6-Pack- $38



Distemper/Parvo vaccine (DHPP) $16

Rabies vaccines $16

Lepto vaccine $16

Bordetella vaccine $16

Lyme vaccine $25

Canine Influenza Vaccine $25


All vaccines or treatments are given together with an office exam or surgery package.

If your cat or dog is pregnant or in-heat, please call us for pricing details on spays.

Elderly dogs and cats may need pre-surgical blood work and IV fluids for surgery. Discuss these options with our staff.



Cost is $120 for up to two views.



Cost is $50 and includes registration fee.



Dental Surgery for DOGS and CATS

Cost for teeth cleaning and extractions vary, but typically range between $350-$400.

Factors that impact price include the number of extractions, need for iv fluids, pain medication and antibiotics.


Cat Euthanasia- $35.00
Small Dog Euthanasia- $35.00
Medium Dog Euthanasia- $40.00
Large Dog Euthanasia- $55.00


Cremation Group Prices
Under 5 lbs.- $25.00
6-25 lbs.- $35.00
26-50 lbs.- $40.00
51-75 lbs.- $45.00
75-100 lbs.- $55.00


Individual Cremation Prices
Under 5 lbs.- $80.00
6-25 lbs.- $140.00
26-50 lbs.- $150.00
51-75 lbs.- $160.00
76-100 lbs.- $175.00