All office visits/exams are $42

Recheck office visits are $25

Emergency exam $65


Paaws RI Adoption Fees

Kittens younger than 6 months $250

Kittens 6 months to 1.5 years $200

Adult Cats over 1.5 years $175

Declawed cats $200

Purebred cats or kittens $300

These prices are subject to change under special circumstances.

(Adoption fees cover all necessary medical care for each cat or kitten – Spay/Neuter, Microchipping, Three FVRCP[Distemper] vaccines for kittens, Two FVRCP[Distemper] vaccines for adults, a Rabies vaccine, Flea and other topical parasite treatment, De-worming, Fecal Test and treatment if necessary, and blood testing for Feline Aids/Feline Leukemia (FeLV/FIV.)



ALL spay/neuter prices include a free exam, an injection of pain medication and a nail trim given on the day of surgery. Please call us to discuss if your cat is in heat or pregnant. Cats over 6 years old require pre-anesthetic bloodwork prior to these procedures.

Female cat spay $95

Male cat neuter of any age $60

Feline Leukemia/Feline Aids (FeLV/FIV) Test $35

Microchipping (including registration) $40

Ear mite treatment $20

Deworming $15 or $17 (large cat)

Fecal test $25

Advantage (topical flea medication) Single: $12

Advantage (topical flea medication) 6-Pack:  $68


Feline Vaccines

Feline Distemper vaccine (FVRCP) $16

Rabies vaccine $16

Leukemia vaccine $25



All spays and neuters include a free exam and nail trim.

Female dog spay 0-25 lbs  $200

Female dog spay 26-50 lbs  $275

Female dog spay over 50 lbs PLEASE call for estimate

Pain medication $20

(All dog spays go home with an e-collar and pain medication which is additional)

Male dog neuter 0-25 lbs  $175

Male dog neuter 26-50 lbs  $200

Male dog neuter 51-75 lbs  $250

Male dog neuter 76-100 lbs $300

Microchipping (includes registration) $40

E-Collar $10-15

(All dog neuters go home with an E-Collar and pain medication which is additional)

4dx Test (This tests for Heartworm and Lyme) $35

(All dogs having surgery either need a 4dx Test or must be taking Heartworm preventative pills)

Fecal test $25

Advantix (flea and tick) Single: $15

Advantix (flea and tick) 4-Pack (One free dose with the purchase of a 4-Pack): $60

Iverhart (heartworm pills):

Dogs 1-25lbs: Single- $5 6-Pack- $26

Dogs 26-50lbs: Single- $6 6-Pack- $32

Dogs 51-100lbs: Single- $7 6-Pack- $38



Distemper Combination vaccine  (DHPP) $16

Rabies vaccines $16

Leptospirosis vaccine $18

Bordetella vaccine $20

Lyme vaccine $25


Dentistry Prices

Any client looking to set-up a dental cleaning for their pet must first have a dental consult with one of our doctors.

Prices include all extractions, ultrasonic scaling/cleaning,  fluoride treatment, antibiotics if necessary, and pain medication if necessary

Cats: $375 to $450

Dogs: $400 to $600

In certain cases there may be additional costs. Examples are pets requiring many difficult extractions or full mouth extractions, large and giant breed dogs requiring difficult extractions.  Patients over 6 years old require pre-anesthetic bloodwork, and must have an intravenous catheter and fluids.


Cost is $120 for up to two views.
Repeat or recheck views (original x-rays done at CFA) $40


Cat Euthanasia- $45.00

Small Dog Euthanasia- $45.00
Medium Dog Euthanasia- $55.00
Large Dog Euthanasia- $75.00


Group Cremation Prices
Under 5 lbs.- $25.00
6-25 lbs.- $35.00
26-50 lbs.- $40.00
51-75 lbs.- $45.00
75-100 lbs.- $55.00

Individual Cremation Prices
Under 5 lbs.- $80.00
6-25 lbs.- $140.00
26-50 lbs.- $150.00
51-75 lbs.- $160.00
76-100 lbs.- $175.00

Labwork Prices:
Adult full profile (Chem/CBC/T4) $95
Urinalysis $45
Fecal test including Giardia $25
T4 (Thyroid Monitoring) $46

4DX (Heartworm/Lyme) test: $35
Feline Leukemia / Feline Aids (FeLV/FIV) Test $35



In order for us to fill any prescription, or prescribe any medication, you must first be established as a client at Care for Animals by having an exam by one of our doctors.  We can not prescribe any medications, or fill any written prescriptions from another facility, without first seeing your pet for an exam.