When you bring your dog in for his annual check-up, do you ever wonder why we insist on heartworm testing and then sending you home with heartworm pills? As the name implies, heartworms are parasitic worms that live and grow in the heart and lungs of your dog. Heartworms are passed in the larvae stage to your dog through the bite of a mosquito. Think about how many times you are bitten by a mosquitoes on a single summer night, your dog gets bitten just as much. Each of those bites have the possibility of infecting your dog with heartworms. Heartworm pills kill the early stages of larvae before they can grow into adult worms and cause disease in your dog. It is very important to give your dog a heartworm pill once a month, every month to prevent the worms from manifesting in your dogs body. If they are allowed to grow they can cause heart and lung complications, infections, and even heart failure and death. If your dog isn’t on heartworm preventative yet, we sell Iverhart Plus for dogs of all sizes. The prices for 6-packs are as follows: 1-25lbs $22, 26-50lbs $27, and 51-100lbs $32.

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