Top 10 Reasons to Adopt an Adult Cat
1. The cat you adopt has no surprises. Adult cats are fully mature and have become the cat that they will be, in both size and personality. The tiny kitten you adopt one day could turn into a small mountain lion. Also, the extremely playful, rambunctious kitten could turn in to be the biggest couch potato. With adult cats you know how active they are and their likes and dislikes on the day of adoption, not a year later.

2. Kittens are naughty! Most people know it comes with the territory but some are surprised when they get home and find all the papers on their desk scattered on the floor with little-kitten-teeth marks all over them. Kittens get bored very easily and just as easily find trouble to get in to. Adult cats are more content and less ADD than kittens.

3. Your current cat might not want a little pest chasing his/her tail all day. It might seem like a good idea to adopt a kitten to give your existing cat a friend and a playmate, but sometime the age and maturity gap is too large to bridge. Instead of becoming a friend a kitten often becomes an annoyance to your current cat. Introducing an adult cat to a current cat can be less stressful because mature cats respect territory and personal space, something kittens haven’t learned yet.

4. Do you want a snuggle buddy? Yes, kittens can be very snuggly and sweet but only after an hour or more of intense playtime. They have A LOT of energy. If they are left at home during the day while you are at work they may take that time to sleep and rest, knowing that they wont see you until after work. Once you get home from work its GO TIME and the kittens has saved up all its energy for you.

5. And don’t think that energy ends when you are ready for bed! Your feet become the ultimate toy when you move them under the covers. Cats are naturally nocturnal animals so this is almost inevitable. Although kittens can be put on a schedule, it takes time and work. Adult cats are much easier to schedule because they have only a quarter of the crazy energy that kittens have.

6. Kittens are easily amused. This may sound like a good thing until they are knocking all the make-up off your counter, climbing up your “light-blocking” curtains and making holes that aren’t so “light-blocking”, attacking you as you round the corner, and even getting into food on the counter. Kittens just can’t help it because they have an urge to explore. Adult cats have been there and done that. They will still explore and have curiosity towards new things, but much less extreme.

7. Worried about your cat scratching your kids? Kittens have tiny, razor sharp nails when they are little and they haven’t learned when to use them and when not to use them. Adult cats have larger nails that do not puncture as easily and they have learned to use their claws only when necessary.

8. Adult cats are easy! You can leave them with some food, water, and a litter box all day and come home to your house exactly the way you left it. They are low maintenance because cats are independent animals by nature. Kittens have just been separated from their litter and are still learning to be independent.

9. Most of the time adult cats end up in shelters because they were found lonely on the streets, had irresponsible owners, and relatively bad luck. Adult cats in shelters have a history. A history that will make them even more appreciative of a loving home and family.

10. Kittens get adopted every day while adult cats sit in their cage and watch them come and go. On average a kitten is in a shelter for 1 week before adoption while an adult cat is usually at the shelter anywhere from 1 month, to 6 months, or more.

Check out some picture of our adult cats up for adoption!

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