We are pleased to announce that Care for Animals will be joining forces with CAWS Veterinary Hospital, another quality and affordable veterinary service provider in the area. We have begun the transition to a single location at 88 West Warwick Avenue, West Warwick (the current location of CAWS). Almost all of our clients know that we had outgrown our space over the past few years and it was becoming difficult to accommodate everyone we wanted to. This new venture allows us to continue to provide excellent care in a larger facility. Dr.’s Rauch and Tyrrell look forward to continuing to serve our established patients and new patients alike. Our last day at our Warwick location will be on September 10th 2018. We will resume appointments at the new location starting on Tuesday September 11th, and we ask that you please be patient, and understanding, in our first month of this transition. We understand that there has been frustration in the extended wait period to schedule an appointment, or to reach us by phone. We know how much you all love your pets, and we will do our best to get situated, and on course, as quickly as possible.
Thank you!

The PAAWS RI Shelter will continue to remain at the same location (2944 Post Rd. Warwick, RI) 


is a nonprofit animal rescue group and shelter, founded in 2011 by Dr. Annette Rauch. It’s mission is
to aid the most helpless populations of dogs and cats.  View this 30-second video and see some of the animals we’ve helped.




Contact Information

We are located at:
2944 Post Rd.
Warwick, RI 02886.

Care for Animals Phone: 401-739-7387
Care for Animals E-mail: office@care4animals.net
Fax: 401-739-7388

PAAWS RI Phone: 401-287-4389
PAAWS RI E-mail: paawsri@care4animals.net